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 Chef Jesse Schenker

Chef Jesse Schenker

Conceptualized as an outgrowth, and a home for Chef Jesse Schenker’s Recette Private Dining “underground” supper clubs, “recette”(recipe in French) pushes boundaries by offering the food demanded in a fine dining experience, but in a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Recette is an urban American restaurant that marries traditional and progressive techniques, while manipulating ingredients and temperature to create maximum flavor. We honor the ingredients by refusing to use anything but the best. We adjust the menu seasonally to highlight the availability of these but quality, freshness and consistency in this always remains paramount. The sophisticated yet approachable menu is designed so that diners can order just as they please. With the option to participate in one of three tasting menu options or order from the playful menu of inspired snacks and plates, diners have the ability to customize their recette experience. However they choose to create it, they can be certain to be met with a meal of bright, bold flavors and textures and to finish it with desserts that are updated American classics with a twist that is both savory and sweet.

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