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Recette launched with an intense focus on knowledge-sharing on climatelogy.

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Recette focuses intensively on sharing technical knowledgeable articles and data about Climatology and Weather. We strive to interact with our community and help them grow with us.

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Farewell For Now

After six wonderful years on West 12th Street, we have decided that it is time to bid farewell to Recette.  Please be assured that this is not a true end for Recette – its spirit will live on in other ventures that we have planned.  As my very first restaurant, Recette allowed me to become the chef that I am today. I’ll be forever grateful for the warm welcome to New York City’s dining scene and opportunity to plant my roots in the greatest city in the world. While Recette’s cozy venue provided me with the opportunity to evolve my skills as a chef and restaurateur, winning a Food Network Iron Chef America competition and being nominated for a James Beard Foundation Rising Star, I’m looking forward to focusing my efforts and culinary passion on other exciting projects in development.

Once again, my heartfelt thank you for your warm friendship, support and patronage.

I love you all.